AMEX is indeed very successful in the United States where the company was founded. So what are the advantages of AMEX cards that have succeeded in winning over tens of millions of people around the world?

The American Express loyalty program

The American Express loyalty program is probably the most successful and the most advantageous loyalty program on the market.

You can accumulate your points ad infinitum to offer yourself the gifts of your choice:

Luxury and fashion
High Tech and Home
Travel and hospitality

Your points are valid for life as long as you have an American Express card. You can accumulate them without limit to get gifts.

Premium insurance and assistance included

American Express cards offer a wide range of insurance and assistance . The extent of the range depends on the cards.

Travel incident insurance after baggage delay
Travel cancellation and postponement insurance
Purchase protection guarantee
Medical assistance and medical costs in the event of an accident or sudden illness abroad
Rental vehicle guarantee
Snow and mountain assistance
Lost or stolen card

No predefined payment limit

Unlike traditional payment cards, AMEX cards do not have a predefined limit.

Your limits are set based on your monthly payments.

If you typically spend $ 800 with your card, your cap will be around that amount. On the contrary, if you are used to using your card for 4000 $ of purchase, your limit will adapt.

24/7 customer service

AMEX customer service is available at any time of the day in France and abroad to answer your questions.

If you have an American Express card, you can contact customer service 24/7 to:

Any questions about insurance
Online assistance to organize your trips and business trips
Loss or theft of your AMEX card. This will be replaced within 48 hours.

Free card for the first year

The Gold American Express card is free for the first year. In addition to this free, AMEX offers you 20,000 loyalty points with its subscription.

So you can test it for free for a year and see if this payment card is right for you without paying a penny.

Then the card will cost you $ 185 per year from the 2nd year.