Nowadays it is not strange to see wood finishes in the bathroom . Given the characteristics of this material, it was not very common in a room where water and humidity are the protagonists. However, the treatment of materials and the possibilities they offer has changed a lot over the years.

Something that until recently seemed unlikely or only available to a few is now suitable for everyone. The image that is achieved using wood finishes is very pleasant and we can see them in many homes. From only being present in spaces such as the living room or bedrooms, it can now be applied in any space in the house .

Feeling of warmth

The wood finishes generate a very pleasant feeling of warmth for the home. From the interior design sector, this sensation is being transferred to spaces in which it was not usual and in which it has been shown that they have a place. One of them is the bathroom , in which it was customary to use neutral tones. Now a more personalized design is possible in this important room.

As it is a space for daily use, it must not only account for functionality. That the environment generated by the bathroom is pleasant and generates well-being is very grateful. This can be achieved in several ways and wood finishes are one of them. Whether it is the best or the only one can be debated, but there is no doubt that it provides it.


The type of materials is an interesting point, since the wood finish should not be confused with the exclusive use of wood. This type of design can be printed on all types of materials, what we are looking for is to have wood finishes in the bathroom, not necessarily use wooden elements.

An excellent option is found in the tiling of the walls. For this we can use imitation wood tiles and the result will be fantastic. In addition, the market offers us different shades and finishes , so it will be very easy to apply this type of finish in the way that we like the most.

In the same way we find the pavement. As we have mentioned, the bathroom is a space that tends to humidity and water. For example, with a ceramic flooring imitation parquet we will get benefits twice. First of all there is the visual aspect. An imitation wood floor will fit perfectly with the aforementioned tiling and, surely, with the bathroom furniture. On the other hand, and due to the type of surface, it will provide us with ease and speed when cleaning it.

If you want to print a new image in your bathroom, we recommend evaluating the option of the wood finish. On a practical level it will facilitate maintenance and visually the result will be incredible.

If you are about to make a bathroom renovation at home, you can take these considerations into account and contact a professional in your area to carry it out for you.