Elegant and discreet, customizable thanks to the different concealment slats: rigid panel fencing is rising. Whether you prefer it hidden or simple, the rigid panel fence allows you to nicely delimit your land. Zoom on this simple but effective fence, bringing modernity and design to your outdoor space.

Simple rigid panel fence

Its advantages: Fences made of rigid panels provide greater solidity and resistance than standard mesh.

The rigidity of rigid panel fences allows easy installation of the fence and quick installation of concealing boards.

Finally, the solidity of the rigid panels guarantees good protection for homes and buildings with a tamper-evident notch post system. The advantage of the notched post is that it does not require any accessories to attach the panel to the post. Also, if the panel is stolen, the only way to take it is to cut it. When cut, it rusts and loses all its value and usefulness.

Customize with PVC Blackout Kits

White and Red Wooden House With FenceIn green, to bring a natural side to your exterior: the 6005 green color PVC blackout slat kit provides space for your exterior about a plant hedge while retaining the green and natural side of the garden. The color green is timeless when it comes to landscaping.

For a radiant fence, the bamboo-colored rigid panel fence will brighten up your outdoor space in bamboo colors. Its beige color makes it a rising trend for landscaping renovations.

In all elegance with anthracite grey: the gray 7016 rigid panel fence brings sober modernity to your outdoor space and offers you very good concealment from the neighborhood. The anthracite gray gives an elegant side to your project.

Black, for sobriety: the kit of black PVC blackout slats gives your exterior a sober and simple side. The rigid panel fence concealed in black is very widespread in the North of France.

And finally white, for a bright and dazzling fence: very rare in France (except in cities in the far south such as Perpignan or the Côte d’Azur) but with great potential, the white fence transports us to the countries of southern Europe, the islands, the heat, and the sun.

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