Cavity Wall Insulation Installers

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers of the most effective ways to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions from a home is by insulating the walls. This prevents heat from escaping straight through the walls and the heating system does not have to work so hard. This will result in lower electricity bills and the initial investment will be paid back in around five years. In addition to this, insulated homes are usually warmer and more comfortable.

There are several types of insulation available including polystyrene beads, spray foam and mineral wool. The installation process involves drilling holes into the exterior of your property and then injecting the chosen material. The installers will also seal the drilled holes afterward to ensure no air can escape and cause damage to the wall structure.

Green Living with Cavity Wall Insulation: Eco-Friendly Benefits

The insulation is installed by a professional who has been trained in this field and the company will carry out a survey to assess the suitability of your house for this type of energy efficiency improvement. They will also provide you with a quote and will make sure that the work is carried out to an excellent standard.

The cost of cavity wall insulation includes both materials and labour. The labour costs are higher as this is not a do it yourself project and requires specialist equipment to drill into the external walls. However, this is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and should be considered as a worthwhile home improvement project that can pay for itself in no time at all via money saved on energy bills.