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How to Tap Your Brain

The brain is dynamic and constantly forming new connections. It is also continually pruning existing ones. Neuroscientists used to think the human brain was set at birth and stopped changing after childhood, but they now know that your body continuously builds, prunes and alters neural networks throughout your life. This process is called neuroplasticity and it is one of the reasons why learning new things is so beneficial.

Brain Tapping Therapy: Exploring the Process

To stimulate neuroplasticity, try learning new things like language, a musical instrument or a sport. The key is to do it consistently and practice the same skills over time. Brain training programs have become popular in recent years, but they are not necessary to achieve results. There are many ways to train the brain such as reading a lot, practicing a skill repeatedly or incorporating games into daily life that engage multiple cognitive functions.

You can also use a simple form of visualization to rewire your brain. This is similar to meditation and has been used by athletes, business people, and entrepreneurs to improve performance. For example, if you are trying to clean up your desk, instead of thinking about the entire task at once, pick up one piece of paper and decide what to do with it (trash? Right cabinet? Another room?) This will create a pathway for you to eventually take the action of putting it away.