debt collection agency

Debt collection agency is a business that attempts to collect debts. Creditors typically send accounts to collections agencies when they believe a consumer is severely delinquent. Debt collectors may be an in-house agency or a third-party such as a law firm or debt buyer. The agency will pursue payment on behalf of the creditor in exchange for a percentage of the amount collected, but if they can’t get paid, the account is “charged off.”Check this out

If you are contacted by a debt collector, there are some things you should know. First, they must inform you that they are trying to collect a debt and how much is owed. Generally, this information is provided in writing or electronically and includes the name of the original creditor and how to contact them, as well as the amount you owe and a summary of your rights in the collection process. It must also include a statement that you can dispute the debt and how to do so.

Debt Collection Strategies: What Businesses Need to Know

In addition, they can’t disclose your financial situation to others without your consent. They also can’t use threats, lies or obscenity and they cannot imply that they will file a lawsuit that they don’t intend to. They also can’t send you mail that is designed to look like a form letter with a company logo and language that would identify it as coming from a debt collector.

If you do decide to work with a debt collector on a repayment plan, you must keep records of your communications and make sure any agreements are in writing. In addition, be sure to check your credit reports. An unpaid debt in collections can hurt your credit score.